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Gods Save the Queen!

Two years after the attack on the crown's heiress, The kingdom has become peaceful. During this time of peace, said heiress is about to come of age to take the throne. A few days before her eighteenth birthday, however, a mysterious attack forces Princess Ookatsume to go into hiding. Finding out that this attack is to bring an uprise of forbidden teachings and a new body to control her kingdom, Ookatsume must go on a journey to bring the approval of the other kingdoms to put an end to the madness.

Ookatsume Imber: Age: 17, soon to be 18
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Bright blue

About- A girl with a strong sense of protectiveness for her people, she's willing to put her life on the line. Most of the time, however, she doesn't show it and is often found avoiding her duties. She has a blunt nature, but is very caring of those around her. The spirit within her staff is also on of her advisers.

Raven D'Levestine: Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold

About- Raven first gets in trouble when he blatantly defies the crown by casting a spell upon Ookatsume's father, which was initially directed at Ookatsume, and cause him to become extremely ill. This was to "take revenge" for the killing of his brother for a crime that he didn't commit. More info will be put up after more of the story is revealed... <3

Zephyr Silandro: Age: 16
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Dark Brown

About- Zephyr is Ookatsume's ,ost trusted guardian and her brotherly figure. Even though he;s young, he is quite skilled in battle. He is quite partial to the concealed weapons he has in his long sleeved colthes. Since he is not of aristocratic family, he cannot use magic. Nonetheless, his speed and battle skill more than makes up for it.


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